Jo Hislop, Dominik Fleischmann, celine s diaz and Sidonie Ronfard

Art exhibition on the multiplicity of emotional and bodily knowledge.

The body in sensorial engagement with the world is a theme of research for the members of the artist collective Ways of Knowing. Jo Hislop, Dominik Fleischmann, celine s diaz and Sidonie Ronfard interconnect their experiences with themes such as time, life and death and the conceptual knowledge articulated inside the body. Through photography, plastic arts and moving image, they express the forms these articulations may assume and enter the realm of abstraction that accentuates the intuitive response. By conjugating particular approaches, the exhibition bares a place for sensitivity and an alternative embrace of reading the physical world.

The exhibition unfolds through the dialogue of eclectic film montage to printing on leaves to hand woven sculpture, and large format prints linking colour and emotion. The artists play into subjective sensibilities by dynamically displaying and adjusting the visual discourse in its physical disposition, and the material surfaces. The combination of each artist’s method shows the collective’s aim in accepting different forms of experiencing human existence.

Supported by Finnfoto with thanks to ISSP and all our mothers.